I have been speaking this morning to a colleague in the fashion industry regarding Rattan Garden Furniture trends and found much of what he had to say of interest. We began talking about the cyclical nature of the fashion trends in the clothing industry. I was trying to explain that I was not out of fashion when he suggested I was in cloths from two years ago. I was in fact ahead of trend and everyone will be wearing this in ten years! It was of course a joke but it got us talking about the garden furniture industry and the various trends that I have witnessed myself. Teak garden furniture for example was very much en vogue at the turn of the century with teak steamer chairs and Lutyens benches very much on trend. The steamer chair is well over a hundred years old as far as the design and yet it was very much a hip and happening product in the year 2000. The same will be true of the current trend for rattan garden furniture. It is not true of any fad or trend but it is true of well made items that have more then just fashion on there side. I speak here specifically about the garden furniture arena but the same is true for indoor furniture. When I say well made items I mean garden furniture that is fit for purpose and that will last many years of outdoor use. Rattan garden furniture fits this description as it is designed to live outside all year round and it is very much fit for purpose. With the aluminum frame and fade resistant synthetic rattan the products are rustproof and weather proof which means that they will stand the test of time. There are not many types of garden furniture that will last in all weathers. The teak will last as it is very high in natural oils and has a tight grain that means it is not susceptible to the destructive power of water. This means that given time and a change in fashions, teak will once again have its day. It also means that rattan garden furniture will become a classic style in the end. Currently it is en vogue but when that period comes to an end it will become a classic style because of its longevity. The conversation started with clothes fashions and as ever in my life I ended up talking furniture! We went on to discuss the very same being true of Oak indoor furniture which was once en vogue back in the 1980's when it was dark oak everyone wanted. It is now very much back on trend but this time in a light oak finish. In fact currently the light oak is on its way out with a more rustic oak taking its place. The point I was making was that products that are well made, fit for purpose, and last a long time also tend to come back into fashion years after they first hit the front pages. In the case of rattan garden furniture this is the first time around as far as the fashions goes. We still have a long way to go as its popularity grows year on year and I am sure it will be around for many years to come.