People are increasingly getting inclined towards Tv on demand.  Not just TV on demand but everything on demand!  We have customers who call up looking for furniture on demand!  Or at least it feels that way sometimes.  I had a customer today who requires delivery by tomorrow.  Thankfully we were able to meet the demand and even through in a free cover to go with it.   After a hard day’s work, it gives you so much relaxation to spend some time out on the garden. And if the garden is laid with some quality Zebrano rattan furniture then better still. Sitting in the garden on the comfortable furniture is soothing to your mind and eases you out from all the tensions of the day. I will be doing just that when I get home and to be honest I will be wantig to catch up with teh Olympics.  The whole family are flat out into team GB and will be chearing them all on from the comfort of our garden furniture.  It is always more pleasurable to spend time in the open away from the confinement of the house provided you have comfortable furniture on which you can rest and spend your time. In days gone by my Dad would begin his day with a newspaper in hand and a cup of hot tea. Reading the newspaper in the garden and sipping the tea both becomes more delightful if it is done amidst the beauty of nature. These days the newspaper is a thing of the past and the i-pad or something similar is taking the business away from the news stand.  Thankfully for us rattan garden furniture devotees you still need something to sit on to enjoy your morning news update.   You can browse through the latest happenings and events on your laptop which you can easily place in your garden on your sophisticated furniture. The latest range of Zebrano rattan furniture is creating waves in the market and selling almost like hot cakes. They are not only sophisticated in looks but are resistant to all climatic conditions making them highly suitable to be placed outdoors. Thus, they are most suitable for garden where the furniture would remain exposed all year round.