As part of our rattan buying guides we are looking at the rattan sofa sets today. Zebrano rattan garden furniture now have more than 38 rattan sofa sets to choose from so as you can imagine you need to narrow down the search a bit before making a purchase. The fist mistake people make when shopping for most furniture is that they forget to measure the space where they intend to put the item. In the case of garden furniture people not only forget but they think it is not necessary to measure. The general thought is that there is plenty of spaces outside so why bother measuring. Well in our experience it is always wide to measure up the space you would like to fill with the furniture as you don’t want to get home and find that you could have fitted the large sofa after all. Worse than that you don’t want to get home and find that the suite you have purchased is going to swamp the area. Once you have established the size of the suite required your next consideration is the configuration you would ideally want. Not all suites have the same flexibility so it is best to have in mind your ideal. You can always call Zebrano direct and ask the staff if a particular suite comes in any other formations. For instance you could want a corner sofa; a two seater sofa with arm chairs, a three seater sofa with arm chairs, the list goes on. Once you have narrowed down they type of configuration you require then you can go forward and pick the style you like.  Again there are lots of different styles so you may want to think about the style of the rest of your home and garden.  Our best selling sofas are the Kingston rattan sofa suite, Manuka rattan sofa suite and the Georgia Rattan sofa suite but we have so many more to choose from. We have both traditional and contemporary designs to choose from so there is sure to be something that suits your requirements here at Zebrano rattan garden furniture. Click here for more information about rattan garden furniture.