Rattan is one on the hottest furniture materials at the moment; eco-friendly, durable, cost-effective and easy to look after, it's not difficult to understand why rattan is so popular. 

With its distinctive woven design, rattan furniture looks great in lots of different settings but not everyone realises just how versatile it really is.

To demonstrate how rattan can be incorporated into your décor, we take one rattan armchair and consider five different ways it could be used for maximum comfort and style.

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Rattan chairs like this can be used throughout the home

Image Source: https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8385/8487659598_40c36b22a3.jpg 

In the lounge

Rattan comes in many different designs, both contemporary and traditional. This relates to not just the style of the chair itself, but the upholstery too.

Neutral colours and clean, uncluttered lines are a common feature with modern rattan furniture and this complements contemporary minimalist décor perfectly. 

Rattan is an environmentally sustainable product (although synthetic rattan is far more common) and is very tough and durable. This means is entirely suitable for everyday use and will provide a comfortable and stylish seat for the lounge area. 

In the study

What better way to spend an afternoon than curled up with a good book? If you have a study or another small room in your house which is dedicated to reading, crafts or is simply a quiet space, a rattan chair can be the ideal companion. 

Traditional armchairs can be bulky and difficult to move around whilst a rattan chair offers the comfort without taking up too much space. 

In the bedroom

Bedrooms are a great place to relax and unwind and if you have a pleasing view from your window, you might want to make a special space to sit and enjoy the surrounding scenery. 

A rattan chair is a piece of furniture that won't look too cumbersome in a delicate bedroom setting, and will provide a useful seat too. 

Rattan is also a great option for the children's bedroom; there may be times when you want to spend some time sitting next to their beds, whether it's because of illness or simply to read a bedtime story. A rattan chair allows you to get comfy without intruding on the theme of the décor. 

In the bathroom

If you like to get dressed in the bathroom, there's always the dilemma of where to put your clean clothes. You won't want to leave them on the floor but if you don't have any cupboards, a chair can provide the perfect solution. 

Rattan is one of the few materials that can handle the damp and humidity of bathrooms conditions without degrading, thus providing you with the opportunity to feature a stylish chair. 

You may not plan on spending too many hours sitting in the bathroom but a handy seat for when you want to cut your toenails will be far preferable than perching precariously on the edge of the bath!

In the garden

Rattan looks fabulous all over the house but one of the particular benefits is that it can be used outside too.

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A nice rattan char for the garden

Image Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a2/Rattan_chair.jpg 

It won't rot or decompose in wet or icy conditions, and won't fade in the sunlight. This means it can be left outside all year round without degrading. The only exception is the upholstery; you may want to store cushions indoors during the winter months in particular. 

Although rattan is sturdy, it's also very lightweight, particularly when combined with an aluminium frame. This quality makes it ideal for garden furniture, allowing you to move it around without causing injury.


One simple rattan chair can be used in so many different ways. Whether you want the elegance of rattan in your lounge or the comfort in your study, rattan furniture is one of the top choices for classy modern furniture.

Image Credits: Wicker Paradise and Wikipedia