New telephone system at Rattan HQ

Are you being served?

Blimey that’s a tag line that is even too old for me! Can any of you remember that sit-com? I will just drag myself back into the present for a moment and tell you about our new telephone system at HQ that is now in place. For a while now we have been inundated with telephone calls from customers who are interested in our rattan furniture. Maybe they are trying to place an order or perhaps just want to talk to us direct. Sometimes people just want to know that there is a human behind the website! It’s often difficult to keep up especially when the sun comes out. So to try and manage our phones more efficiently we have installed a state of the art telephone system with a digital TV screen showing all number of fancy stats.

All of this is to try and continue to improve our customer services. Our number one priority for the last year has been to improve customer services and this will go some way to improving our telephone customer services. The new system will allow us to monitor the number of calls coming in and out as well as see if we have missed any incoming calls. All this information is essential when we are trying to ensure there is enough staff manning the phones at the right times to deal with all our customers on the phones.

new telephone system at rattan hq.

In the past we have had feedback from our customers telling us that it has been difficult getting through to us on the phones and sometimes this can cause some frustration. We understand this frustration and frankly share in it. There is nothing worse for us than a potential customer or an existing customer trying to get through to us and not being able to. This new telephone system does not come cheap but we felt like it was a worthy investment and we have already seen that customers seem to love it. When we see that there are extra customers on the line we are able to try and redistribute labor within the office so that everyone gets through to us as soon as possible. Obviously nothing or nobody is perfect and we still have a long way to go to reach our aim of perfect customer service but the fact that we are prioritizing our customer’s satisfaction above all else in our business shows that we are on the right path. At least that’s what the customers tell us! Last year we were told by you that the phones did not get answered fast enough and so we have tried to manage this issue and come up with a solution. As I said above nothing is perfect but this new phone system will really help us mange the calls and hopefully will result in many more happy customers! We have lots of new innovations in the delivery department as well but I will fill you in on that in the coming weeks. For now enjoy the sun and give us a call if you want a chat!! Alternatively check out the rest of the website for all our best rattan furniture deals. Either way we are happy to help.