Not quite the weather for lounging but nevertheless we are eternal optimists here at Zebrano and to that end we have decided to create a rattan garden sun lounger video. It is hosted on you tube just like our other videos but you can see it on our website on our rattan lounger’s page. Despite the recent rain the British public does love a rattan sun lounger. This year is no different from last year in terms of the popularity of our rattan sun loungers. Historically the Verona’s have been the most popular and to be honest this year is no different. We have seen some good interest in the Aqua loungers and also the Manuka sun Loungers but the bulk of sales have once again come from the Verona’s.  Unless of course the customer has already purchased one our tubular weave products in which case the Hamilton rattan sun loungers would have been purchased to keep their set matching. All that said we are still early on in the summer season and the sun has barely popped his head out yet. As the season goes on there are sure to be some surprises and the Aqua is not far behind in terms of sales. It looks like this year will be the last for the California double loungers which seem to have been a good idea, but not a great idea! Everyone loves them but many more prefer the flexibility of having two separate loungers and not being stuck together. Personally I think the California’s are great I would love to soak up the sun next to my wife if only we had the time. In our case we are co owners of Zebrano so barely have time to sit down in the summer never mind soak up the sun. Even if we did get five minutes I suspect that our two little ones would be jumping all over us! Hope you enjoy the video and check out our rattan sun lounger page for our full range.