Here at Zebrano rattan garden furniture we have been offering interest free credit for the last six months.  So far the take up rate has been high and if fact higher than we were expecting.  That said I guess it is a no brainer if you can spread your payment over six months rather than pay all up front.   It is great for our customers to be able to get their rattan garden furniture now and yet pay for it over the next six months without paying anything in interest.interest free credit

Not wishing to point out the obvious but you do have to apply for the interest free credit!  This does sound obvious but we have had a couple of customers who went through the online checkout and paid for their goods using there credit card only to then phone us up to say that the interest free credit was not given to them.  The interest free credit will not just be given to you!  You have to select 'apply for credit' when you are at the checkout and then you have to complete the online form. Another thing to remember is that the credit is being offered to you by a third party finance company so you will need to fill in the credit agreement before credit is agreed.  I think some people think that the credit is just automatically given when you go through the checkout.  Hopefully we have made it quite clear when you go through the checkout but the best bet is to give us a call if you are in any doubt about what to do when applying for finance.  Hopefully all is clear but just give us a shout if you need any help.  The weather has taken that turn for the better that I keep saying is coming and hopefully it will now stay with us for the next few months.