London accommodates the World Olympic Games for 2012. And I am one sports enthusiast who may not be able to be present in all 100 venues and watch all two thousand sessions of sports events.  I work all weekdays and I see to it that I spend enough quality time with my family. But I was able to follow developments occurring with the conduct of the Olympics. You might guess it right. I might be very busy with work but at the end of each day, I see to it that I get online for the latest Olympics update while relaxing on my Zebrano rattan cube set. The latest update I searched on was about security concerns which tackle the failure of G4s to recruit sufficient number of security personnel that will ensure safety of Olympics participants. Although 3, 500 troops have already been drafted to join the staff, the world has already come up with the notion that the government was not implementing close-monitoring for G4S. According to the G4S Chief Executive Nick Buckles, they have prepared so much for the event. They were able to conduct numerous interviews, trainings, licensures and accreditation procedures. They have placed enough number of security staff in each of the event venues. The problem only rises after realization that the number of crowd as higher than expected. Ten months ago, the government already made plans regarding Olympics security. The failure of G4S on this condition makes others contemplate whether their chief executive needs to resign or no. For whether G4S or the government should be blamed on this issue, there is nothing more we can do if we point our fingers to any of the two. What can help is that for us to get on our Zebrano rattan chairs, cross our fingers and pray that nothing critical will happen to endanger participants and spectators in the course of the event.