Garden Trends 2016

For the last couple of years we have done a garden trends blog in the January of the New Year to give you a few ideas on where we think the new years outdoor designs are heading.  As is so often the case with outdoor designs and trends it’s the hotter countries that take the lead as lets face it they have the climate to spend all year outside.  Therefore we look to Australia and the South Western coast of the USA as good indicators of where the trends are heading.  Narrow that down to the more affluent areas within those rather large geographical areas and we are talking about Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and the like.  


All that said we could also take a look at the more affluent areas in Southern Europe such as the South of France as they are also quick to get outside if the weather allows.  If we look at the aforementioned areas we can see a pattern arising in outdoor design and this year is set to see a continuation of a trend that first started a good few years ago.  That trend is for outdoor design to start looking a lot like indoor design!  Making your outdoor space feel like inside.  


Lets start with the main function of the space you intend to design.  Are you looking to eat, entertain, relax or simply make your patio space look great?  Whatever your intended uses you will be able to take your lead from your interior design.  Try to carry on your indoor themes to your outdoor space.  If inside is a minimal, clean-cut design then try to bring this feeling of simplicity to your garden.  The trend in garden or patio design is not so much a specific theme such as minimal or shabby chic but more the trend is for you to bring your own design outside. 


So we are looking at creating outdoor living rooms if your intended use is to relax and unwind with friends over coffee or wine.  If the outdoor space leads on from your current indoor living room then carry through the colour scheme by adding occasional cushions to your rattan garden sofa or maybe trying to tie in the parasol colour with the indoor colour scheme.  Taking it a bit further is the idea of setting up a log fire with a sofa suite around it.  Maybe this is a step too far for you but it certainly makes for great design and would also mean that you could spend longer outside in the summer time once the sun has gone down.  



Perhaps you are looking to continue the kitchen design outside which may involve creating a work surface and maybe having an outdoor oven.  There are some great outdoor pizza ovens available that really give a wow factor.  Jamie Oliver perhaps? You could incorporate a kitchen table vibe with the BBQ and serving area near by.  If the patio leads out through the kitchen then try to marry the two together using colour and function.  You could have your kitchen table outside.  To be honest some of our rattan garden tables look just as good indoors as they do outdoors.  


As we mentioned earlier it does help if the weather is nice as you are much more likely to spend time outside and therefore more likely to want to create wonderfully designed spaces to live in.  However one way to help with the weather is to create a bit of cover for you patio to protect you from the elements.  Many of the homes we see here in this article show verandas or covered terraces, which is obviously a great advantage.  Obviously a concrete or brock construction would be the best as far as strength and protection is concerned but for those that are thinking a little less permanent could try a pagoda type construction.  This would involve wooden beams set out in a cube structure where you could perhaps add a roof or even use plant or tree cover to act as the canopy. 


Whichever way you choose to go the main emphasis is to try and bring the indoor out.  I hope this has given you some food for thought and good luck with any 2016 garden design projects.