They say life begins at forty.  My birthday is only a day away and I will be thirty nine!  I have only one more year to go until the dreaded forty.   I read somewhere that this is the time to begin giving value to what we already had in the past and savoring what we have worked for.  I am so immersed in my world of rattan garden furniture that there is very little time left for reflection. That all sounds like we are getting old doesn’t it?  I can’t help thinking that the media are trying to make us all old before our time.  I think that forty is very much the new thirty.  We are all doing things a little later than the generation before us.  My Mum had me when she was only twenty one years old and yet I had my first child when I was thirty two.  That to me says that I am at least ten years behind already.  Or as I like to think of it, I am ten years in front.  I was to busy travelling the world to be settling down to raising a family and to be honest I am too busy working now to be reflecting on what has already taken place.  I am aiming for fifty before I get too nostalgic. Not everyone is the same of course and here at Zebrano, we acknowledge the facts that some people are bound to get out of youthful routines and rest from fast-paced activities. We have made our hand-woven garden sets with designs that call for comfort and rejuvenation.  We have carefully crafted each piece of furniture to stand firm and strong amidst the threatening calls of time.  At Zebrano Rattan Furniture, we want our furniture to last forty years and not just our customers! Ideally, we all advocate for something more mature, healthier, and more rewarding lifestyle when we go beyond thirty nine. I think they say life begins at forty as this is when we get a chance to take a look at our life’s and start to makes changes.  I have been attempting to shake myself out of my bad eating habits and try to live a little healthier.  I’m not quite forty yet but it’s not that far away!  I need to loose a few stone so that I can still be fit at fifty.  I need to make sure that I am capable of running around after my two children and not constantly stopping for a sit down.  That said I have lots of quality rattan furniture to sit on if I do need a sit down. Don’t get my wrong if you are one of the lucky ones that can slow down aged just forty years old then good luck to you.  For me there are many more working years ahead and many more websites to build.  If you’re one of the lucky ones that can start to take things easy then our rattan furniture will always be there waiting for you to provide that serenity and calmness you deserve.  Everyone needs a sit down at some point.