Extra chairs now available on all rattan furniture Demand for extra rattan garden chairs over the last few years has always been a bug bear of mine but this year we have the solution.  All of our rattan garden furniture sets come into the country as complete sets and therefore there are never any spares to sell on should the customer want them.  There is logic to only selling the goods in sets.  Most of the goods can only be purchased in bulk and in sets so we are only able to get complete units.  To break up these units always leaves us with odds and sods we can’t do much with.  It is unlikely that anyone wants to buy a table with an odd set of chairs for example. It all change this year as we have been able to secure individual rattan chairs for both our sofa sets and our dining sets.  Therefore the way is clear to purchasing emergency chairs for your rattan dining sets.  You are now able to create your own rattan sofa sets by adding additional chairs to our suites.  The Manuka armchair is the best example of this as it goes with so many of our rattan sofa sets.  This chair is not only very versatile but also very comfortable.  The smooth clean design lends itself to a contemporary dwelling and yet does not look out of place in a more traditional house. As with all of our stock the new chairs will run out.  We never carry any stock over the winter months and it is better for us to sell out then go into winter with too much stock.  Therefore if it is something that you think you may require do let us know so that we can put one or two aside for you.  The individual chairs can be seen in our rattan accessories page as well as on the sets themselves.