As promised I will be trying to keep our customers updated with products that are in and out of stock by talking about current stock levels here on the Zebrano rattan blog. Due to the recent rainy weather this product warning has nearly got through unoticed as the last thing we were expecting to run low on during a wet and windy week was rattan sun loungers! That said we have indeed nearly run out of the Verona Rattan Sun Loungers in Black rattan. We do still have plenty of stock in the brown rattan but that last few Veronas in black will be gone in the next few days. At the time of writing we do not have any more Verona sun loungers due in this season although other rattan loungers are available.  If you are interested in the black Verona sun loungers I would advise you to purchase now or call the office on 01296 334450 to check if there are any left.  If the Veronas are all gone by the time you call then don't worry as we still have the Pescara Rattan Loungers available in both brown and black rattan weave. Who would have thought that in April showers would have seen a dramatic increase in the sales of sun loungers? It goes to show that the demand for Zebrano rattan products is difficult to predict and the only thing you can rely on at the moment is that this style of rattan garden furniture is very much in demand. So snap it up while you can!