What style do you prefer?  Contemporary or Traditional? We provide both! At Zebrano Rattan we offer two types of all weather rattan garden furniture.  We have our contemporary flat weave or traditional round weave.  Both types of synthetic rattan can be left outdoors all year round but both offer a different look and style to your garden. Our traditional tubular weave rattan (Winchester) offers a softer look for a classic English garden.  My parents splashed out on a Winchester oval dining set this year and it looks fantastic!   They have always had teak furniture so they like the lighter look of the Winchester tubular weave and my dad loves the maintenance free advantage to this furniture.  My mum loves the look and my dad loves the lack of work involved with this furniture.  Two happy glampers! Alternatively the black and brown flat weave provides a real contemporary modern look.  We have a black cube and so do our neighbours and two of our friends!  Its a really popular set for young families as its so versatile, maintenance free and great to store away.  The black and brown flat weave is so popular not only for the look but again because it is maintenance free. Flat or tubular the choice is yours and both are in stock at the moment here at Zebrano Rattan