Here at Zebrano Rattan we are very focused on the all weather rattan furniture but more and more we are seeing a trend towards conservatory furniture.  This trend is not just towards conservatory furniture but more towards furniture that can be used both in the conservatory and also used outside. The whole inside out vibe has really taken off in the UK and more and more of our deliveries are going to homes that have by fold patio doors that transform the conservatory into part of the garden.  Likewise it has the effect of transforming the garden into part of the home.  It is no wonder then that our conservatory furniture is really seen an increase in sales as many of our sofa sets can be used both inside and out. The inside out theme can really be topped of if you have a rattan garden table and chairs outside with a sofa set inside.  You could have both sets made in the same matching rattan and beige cushions and you can just as easily swap the sofa to go outside and then have the dining set inside.  Our all weather rattan is so easy to clean that it look brand new all year round and would very easily move from outside to in. So the modern conservatory furniture is a far cry from the traditional rattan Lloyd loom style sofas and is very much more in the style of our Algarve or Manuka sofa suites.  Have a look at our conservatory furniture to see our latest deals and ideas.