We have been scratching our heads on the subject of customer interaction and Zoe, our creative director has come up with a competition.  We did think of offering money off or a free cover but we ended up agreeing that there is nothing people like more than cold hard cash!  Therefore we have decided to offer a cash prize of £100.  The prize is for the best photo of your furniture in situ. In other words once you have your furniture in your back garden take a photo and email it into us.  All photos will be used on the website somewhere so you will be able to send your friends a link to our site showing your suite.  When we upload your photo we will email you the link and then you can share it on facebook or email your friends the link.  Just a bit of fun really but the best one gets £100. The idea is that we can not only see all our furniture in its full glory but it may well inspire future customers to purchase if they can see just how good it all looks in peoples back gardens.  All entries are to be sent to sales@rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk and of course it is only open to real customers   Therefore you will need to include your invoice number when emailing the photo.  There are no other requirements as such apart from that the photos need to be in good taste and you need to be happy for us to use them on the website. We will be exhibiting the photos on the blog and maybe even on the product page itself.  You can enter as many times as you like so get creative and try a few different angles.  Extra points will be given to creative flair but having said that we do want to see the product so make sure we can see what it is you’ve purchased! I will be updating the blog as the entries come in and letting you know who is in the running.  Good luck and happy snapping. To see more details go to www.rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk/competitions