Having started our buying Guide series with rattan garden chairs I am back today with our guide on rattan garden tables.  Some of the sentiment in the rattan garden chairs guide is relevant again today on the tables as we will again need to ensure that the quality of the product lives up to its intended use.  In the case of rattan garden furniture we need to ensure that the products are capable of living outside all year round.  With Zebrano there are no worries on that front as all our rattan garden furniture is suitable for use in all weathers.  We have spent some considerable time and effort to ensure that the quality control is met at every level.   After the quality you need to consider your own personal patio area.  It is easy to be led astray by a fancy showroom that has a nice display.  I suggest measuring up your patio area prior to looking for the furniture.  That way you are able to discount some furniture sets before you have had a chance to fall in love with them.  The amount of people that have ask me to hold a set for them while they go home and measure only to find that the set would not fit in the area they had hoped is amazing.  The trouble is you feel a little disappointed that the suite you really wanted is not the one you end up getting.  Better then to come prepared and only look at the sets that fit.   Next up is making sure the set you choose is right for your needs.  Are you going to be hosting formal dining parties?  Are you looking for a more sociable dining experience?  These things matter as if formal is your thing then perhaps a rectangular table may suit you.  The rectangular tables give a grander, formal dining look whereas a round table is though to be more informal.  A round table is more sociable as everyone can see one another and that means everyone can be included in the conversation.  On a rectangular table you are restricted to the people opposite and directly next to you for conversation.  You could always plump for the oval table as this is the best of both worlds.   So to conclude I would say that quality control, patio space and your intended use are the three most significant factors when choosing a rattan garden dining set.  Whichever way you decide to go why not check out our rattan dining sets for our latest deals?  If you need any further help, why not give us a call on 01296 334450 or email on info@rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk