Summer of 2012 has now officially been recognised as one of the wettest ever. For many people, these non-seasonal rains have played the role of an absolute dampener (pun intended).Lounging out in the garden furniture is a great winding-down exercise for many. However, the rains are not very kind to either the lounging or the garden furniture. That, however, has changed for good with the Zebrano Rattan line of furniture products that are all designed for all weathers. Among the most popular products is the Rattan sofa set. The sofa set has been in existence for many years now and is sure to be in vogue in the years to come. It is an intricate part of the British culture to try and make the most of any sun that is going around and we crave the slightest chance to get outside and soak up the rays. The sofa sets from Zebrano Rattan are easily identifiable with their clean lines. There is also some lovely contrast resulting from the combination of dark rattan and beige coloured cushions. The one word that most aptly describes this look is ‘classy’. The look is also complemented very well by the comfort levels. You will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable sofa set for a garden environment. Being made exclusively for a garden also means that Rattan sofa sets carry some obvious but nevertheless highly useful advantages. Chief among them is the ability to weather any kind of climate throughout the year. As an owner, you can decide to leave them out for good and still come back anytime to find them as good as new. Of course, the cushions and parasols need to be carried into the homes but everything else can stay out. Thinking about postponing your garden sofa set purchase because of this oddball British summer? Think again now that you know about out all weather rattan sofa sets.