10 Amazing Flickr Images of Rattan Furniture The distinctive wicker style of rattan furniture is familiar to many people around the world, having been used for centuries to create strong and long lasting furniture. These pictures show rattan in ways which you may not have appreciated before, both in providing example of stunning furniture but also some of the different ways it can be displayed. Take a stroll through these amazing Flickr images and enjoy the sights of rattan at its very best.

1) Straw man

Straw man image source Some of the rattan furniture seen in the shops is incredibly detailed, but this sculpture is simply on another level. Made from rattan and steel, it uses the delicate yet super-strong strands of vine to create a woven image which is almost impossibly complex. The curve of the horse’s nostril, the roll of the shirt sleeves and the slope of the man’s shoulders are all captured in stunning detail in this fabulous creation. The artist was in fact the daughter of the man being depicted and this piece of art was on display in Mark’s Park in Sydney, Australia. The sculpture shows just how intricate rattan furniture can be, and the level of detailing which can be added.

2) Harvesting the crop

harvesting Rattan image source The appearance of rattan in our shops belies the tough journey it’s been on to make it to our shores. Growing in tropical jungles, these enormous vines must be hacked down by workers before being transported to factories for processing. But rattan isn’t just cut down for furniture use; it’s also considered a diet staple by the locals in many places where it grows. There’s no telling whether this rattan is being cut down for food or for manufacture, but either way, it’s a tough job.

3) Rattan colours

rattan colours image source Contemporary rattan designs are available in a range of colours, not just the traditional wooden hues. This is partly due to the fact that much of the modern furniture is made from synthetic rattan rather than the natural product, and this gives a much wider choice. This clever fruit basket shows how rattan can be used in a multitude of ways, and also the great range of colours which can be created. There’s no reason at all to think that rattan wouldn’t match your existing decor when you see the rainbow spectrum that’s on offer.

4) Original rattan

rattan chairs image source

5) Rattan Variety in Furniture

One of the pioneers who began working with rattan, the Wakefield Company produced this beautiful rattan chair in the 19th century. One of the oldest images of rattan furniture that exists, this rocking chair would still look good in many homes today. Wakefield is credited with making rattan mainstream, and creating the first machinery that could weave with the material too. rattan beds image source Rattan is used to make a variety of furnishings all over the world, both in poverty-stricken and affluent areas too. The method of construction can vary quite significantly, as this picture shows with a hand-wrapping technique being exhibited. A painstakingly slow project, the end result will nevertheless look spectacular and be long lasting enough to stay in great condition for many years.

6) Creature comforts

Many people associate rattan with garden or conservatory furniture but in fact it can be used to create a great range of items of furniture. As well as chairs, sofas and tables, rattan can be woven into accessories such as this beautiful headboard. Majestic and impressive, the design is simple with deceptively intricate edging, plus the crossover feature on the posts. Rattan weaving at its very best, this design would look beautiful in any bedroom.

7) Painstaking work

workers on rattan image source This picture shows the laborious and tedious work that goes into making each and every rattan piece of furniture. A close up of the weave reveals just how tiny each band is, and how long it will take to build up to a full piece of rattan furniture. This weave is destined to become a rattan chair, but these fingers will have to work many hours before the vine starts to take a recognisable shape.

8) Funky style

rattan chair image source Rattan has moved a long way from its floral roots and the new generations of designs cover everything from understated elegance to quirky and contemporary. This chair shows the extreme skill in the placement of the canes, and the careful binding of the legs, but there’s also a fun element too, with the animal print cushion. Offering the best of both worlds, this rattan chair provides both clever design and a touch of offbeat zaniness too.

9) Secluded retreat

rattan ball image source Who wouldn’t want to relax and take it easy, curled up in a soft and welcoming day bed? This is typical of the contemporary style of rattan furniture, with its clean lines, simple colours and modern shapes. Daybeds are the perfect place to grab a snooze in the afternoon, read a good book or simply enjoy snuggling up with a loved one.

10) Superb quality

superb quality image source A close up shot of completed rattan work provides a sense of perspective on how tightly the weave has to be. This camera angle shows the almost never-ending work which has gone into creating this piece of furniture and the deft finger work which must have been involved to achieve it. Conclusion The above ten images show rattan at its most fascinating and at its best, demonstrating the hard work and skill which goes into creating every item and the journey the plant must go on to reach foreign shores.

Image credits: betta design; CIFOR; srqpix; Boston Public Library; Wakx; Wicker Paradise; Mohsin Ahmed Photography; Wicker Paradise; Wicker Paradise and Jeannine St Amand