All Weather Rattan Versus Traditional Rattan.

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All Weather Rattan Versus Traditional Rattan.


In truth it all depends on what the intended use is when deciding on whether to go for traditional rattan or all weather rattan. The traditional rattan has long been a favorite for indoor furniture and conservatory furniture in particular. The traditional rattan comes in many shapes and sizes. Over the more recent history indoor rattan furniture tends to be woven around bamboo frames and the better quality units have sprung seats and even lacquered finishes which gives a protective layer to the rattan. The last thirty or forty years have seen floral designs leading the way as far as the upholstery is concerned.

Here at Zebrano we find the floral look very dated and have tried to contemporize the rattan by changing the upholstery. We still use floral themes but they are done in a much more contemporary way and we mix them in with smooth clean colors with little or no pattern at all. We have also mixed up the designs a little and tried to tidy up some of the more traditional designs. In the past some of the rattan suites had visible bamboo frames which while essential from a stability point of view we found it had a negative effect on the aesthetic. We have gone for the rattan weave to completely cover the frame and this leads to a more bulky and stylish look.

As far as the outdoor version of the rattan we have taken the contemporary remit even further. With clean, smooth lines and beige cushions throughout we have ensured that an up to date look is achieved. We tried white cushion but found this looked to clinical and somehow detracted from the look. With beige cushions there is a sharp and yet warm look that seems to set the furniture off in a much more appealing way. The rattan itself is, black, brown or grey which again lead to a very contemporary feel. We do also have a lighter brown range in our Winchester range but this is aimed at the more traditional market. Our all weather rattan garden furniture can also be used indoors aso you have a choice of styles as far as the furniture is concerned.

he first thing to decide is what you intend to do with the furniture and then decide the look you are after. Either way Zebrano have the products to fit the bill. Check out our rattan garden furniture or our conservatory furniture for ideas and products. To find out more about rattan garden furniture simply click the link and see all our articles.

We have written extensively on the subject of traditional rattan versus synthetic rattan on our blog. One article that we feel will be useful to you if you are interested in some further reading is 45 Amazing Benefits of Using Rattan Furniture. In this article we highlight the various advantages rattan, both synthetic and natural has and you may find some of these useful when deciding which material to go for.  As the title suggests we run through forty five different benefits so as to give a comprehensive look at the advantages of rattan as a manufacturing material.